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Physician Assistant

Cindi Brown

Cindi is a physician assistant with 15 years experience working in the Emergency Department.  Her winding and colorful career path started at Colorado State University with a degree in forestry. Several seasons battling wildfires on a helicopter crew were followed by more schooling and 10 years as a paramedic with the ambulance service in Fort Collins.  In her desire for a more cerebral challenge and less physical demands, she earned her Master’s degree from University of Utah’s Physician Assistant program and started practicing in the Emergency Department.  Last year she retired from the emergency department in Fort Collins, Colorado.

She and her husband travel extensively and enjoy the outdoors.  They spend much of the summer and the winter ski season in eastern British Columbia’s Canadian Rockies.  Hiking, camping, snow skiing and snowshoeing are favorite pursuits.  When sedentary, she enjoys reading, watching movies and is passionate about knitting.

Cindi is honored to be part of the Semester At Sea program.  She is looking forward to sharing this rare opportunity to work, live and travel the world with university students, faculty and staff, sharing the profound experience of new places, people, ideas and adventures!