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Dean of Student Life

Craig Hauser

Craig is the Director of Student Services at American University of Antigua in New York, New York. He was Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs also at Vaughn College in Queens, New York and Director of Residential Life at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York as well as Director of Judicial Affairs at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Craig has worked in student affairs for 14 years in a variety of roles.

Craig completed his B.A. degree at Brandeis University with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy and his B.S. degrees in Counseling Psychology at Gannon University. Craig has sailed on SAS twice before, as Assistant Director of Student Life on Summer 2002, and as Director of Student Life on Spring 2006, both life-changing peak experiences. Craig is excited to be traveling again.

Craig is an avid movie-buff and television aficionado. Most likely there isn’t a television show that Craig isn’t watching or has on his TiVo. Additionally, Craig is very involved with his family and friends and enjoys traveling! Craig believes that “everything happens for a reason” and you need to “enjoy life to the fullest!”