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Cynthia Vannucci

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Anyone looking for an enthusiastic supporter of the Hospitality Business? Look no further than Cynthia Vannucci, Ph.D. Cynthia is a long-time hospitality and tourism industry professional of 25 years, with most of her industry experience coming from Las Vegas and the Southwestern portion of the United States. Cynthia’s hospitality experience started in the food and beverage side of the business and eventually moved into convention services/catering, event planning, and hospitality sales and marketing.

In order to demonstrate her dedication to the industry she served, Cynthia obtained her Certified Hospitality Marketing Executive and Certified Hospitality Sales Professional designations. When she moved into the world of convention and event planning, she garnered her Certified Meeting Professional designation and even became a Level One Sommelier along with her Business Etiquette Certification.

Cynthia is married to a European Chef for over 30 years. They have been fortunate to live in Italy and Prague during their summers and because of their hospitality industry backgrounds explored vineyards, restaurants, and hotels from small to large cities. They especially value the relationship between food and wine and how it relates to the culture and society at large. Join Cynthia in the RRM 400 Food and Society class to further explore this relationship.

These travel and work experiences have also moved the researcher in Cynthia to investigate the issues that affect the recreation and tourism industry. Recognizing that leisure time has increased over the past 25 years, she seeks to understand the future needs of travelers as they “over-love” their parks and historic destinations throughout the world. Uncover International Issues-Recreation and Tourism in the NRRT 320 class.