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Dan Kinney is a full professor of English at the University of Virginia.  He received his PhD in Renaissance Studies from Yale in 1982, his MA in Classics from Cambridge in 1978, and his BA and English and Greek from Yale in 1976.  Dan Kinney’s writing and research have focused on the shifting and permanence of cultural models, and especially literary models, from antiquity down to the present. He works mainly on Early Modern authors from More and Erasmus to Shakespeare and Milton and beyond; he is general editor of the Complete Works of Abraham Cowley, and has collaborated on an edition-translation published by UC Press of Petronius’ mock-epic Satyrica.  In a pair of large U.Va. websites he has reckoned extensively with the textual and visual inheritance of Ovid’s Metamorphoses and the textual and visual legacy of the English Civil War; he is currently finishing a critical edition and an English verse rendering of Cowley’s astounding mock-epic engagement with all of these founding traditions and more, his Plantarum Libri Sex / Six Books of Plants (1668). He has previously sailed with SAS in Spring 2009.