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Daniel Jacoby

Discipline: Economics
University of Washington, Bothell

Dan Jacoby earned his PhD in Economics at the University of Washington in 1985.  After teaching on the east coast he returned to Seattle as one of thirteen faculty to found the University of Washington-Bothell campus in 1990.  The new campus provided opportunities to develop several interdisciplinary programs, including Law, Economics and Public Policy, Global Studies, and the Masters in Arts in Public Policy.  His research focuses on relationships between work, schooling and society complements his teaching interests, which has included innovative courses in Global Labor, Education and Economic Policy, Meanings and Realities of Inequality, and a field-based course in Oaxaca, Mexico on Labor and Social Justice in Mexico.

He had the honor to serve as the University of Washington’s Harry Bridges Endowed Chair in Labor Studies where he facilitated research programs and conferences on Labor and the Knowledge Economy, Caring Labor, and the Future of Organized Labor.   He has several written articles on apprenticeship, school reform and unions, disability policy, issues relating to academic labor and in 1998 he authored, Laboring for Freedom: A New Look at the History of US Labor.   In Seattle Jacoby has worked with several community groups on labor issues, including the Seatac initiative to raise wages to $15 per hour.

This will be his second voyage with SAS, and he will bring supplies of Dramamine.