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Professor, Department of Politics

David Leblang

University of Virginia

A specialist in political economy, Leblang has served as a consultant to the International Monetary Fund, The Directorate of Finance and Economics of the European Commission, and the Department of Defense. He is co-author of Democratic Politics and Financial Markets: Pricing Politics (2006) and more than 25 journal articles in publications including, The American Journal of PoliticsInternational OrganizationEconomics and Politics, and the Journal of International Money and Finance. He has received research support from the National Science Foundation. Leblang has written on the politics of economic growth, the determinants of exchange rate policy, the causes of currency crises and the link between elections and economic expectations. At present he is working on two large projects. The first examines the causes and consequences of international migration and the second explores the implications of global commodity price volatility. In addition to his academic position, he is Chair of the Department of Politics. He received his PhD from Vanderbilt University.