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Visiting Instructor

Erin Trauth

University of South Florida

Dr. Trauth is an instructor of professional and technical writing at the University of South Florida. She earned her doctorate in Technical Communication and Rhetoric from Texas Tech University. Dr. Trauth conducts research on front-of-package food labels and regulatory policies surrounding this communication. Her recent article, titled “Nutritional Noise: Community Literacies and the Movement Against Foods Labeled as ‘Natural,’” will be published in the Fall 2015 “Community Food Literacies” special issue of Community Literacy Journal. In addition, Dr. Trauth publishes journalistic writing related to health, science, and the environment for a number of online publications.

Dr. Trauth has worked as an instructor of composition at several universities, and she served as an Assistant Director of Composition while at Texas Tech. In addition, she served as a business and professional writing tutor in the USF Business Communications Center. Dr. Trauth has authored two recent book chapters on composition pedagogy, including “Creating Meaning for Millennials: Bakhtin, Rosenblatt, and the Use of Social Media in the Composition Classroom” and “Curating the Public Self: Helping Students Present an Authentic, Professional Persona via LinkedIn and Public Blogging Sites,” both of which will be published in Engaging 21st Century Writers with Social Media in February of 2016. Dr. Trauth has also helped to edit a variety of texts on college-level writing, including First Year Writing: Writing in the Disciplines, Power to the Pen: Pedagogical Approaches to Composition, and Artifacts.