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Fall 2016: The Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Beyond

Fall 2016

The Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Beyond
Retired Associate Professor

Faye Serio

Discipline: Art
St. Lawrence University and Clarkson University

Faye A. Serio taught courses in traditional, experimental, and digital photography, painting, and drawing at Clarkson University and St. Lawrence University for over thirty years. She has given numerous public workshops on creating art on the computer. As an active artist, Professor Serio has exhibited her work in more than seventy-five shows, frequently receiving the top award for her experimental photography. Her artwork has been featured on numerous book and journal covers. The source for much of her art comes from her travel experiences, especially while living and traveling abroad. She has taught for Semester at Sea in Sp05, Sp09, Fa12, and Sp14, and while on these voyages has taken thousands of photographs, and she has included many of these in exhibitions, presentations, and workshops. She received her B.A. in Fine Arts from DePauw University and her M.F.A. in photography from the University of Notre Dame.