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Spring 2020: A Voyage of Discovery
Academic Dean

Gene Gloeckner

Dr. Gene Gloeckner was born in East Liverpool, Ohio; attended Ohio State University for his B.S.; Colorado State University for his M.S., and Ohio State for his Ph.D..  He has taught at Ohio State, Montana State, Illinois State, and Colorado State.  He has been at CSU since 1988.  Gene’s partner is Susan and he has three talented and wonderful adult children. He has served as the advisor for over 60 doctoral graduates from the School of Education at CSU.  He has published in wide variety of journals including articles on educational issues involving mathematics, technology, statistics, and higher education. He has published in the Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis, American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease & Other Dementias, Journal of College Admissions, Journal of Nursing Education, and the Mensa Research Journal. He has written a variety of books and is currently working on the 6th edition of an application of statistics text. Gene has served as the Director of the School of Education, Director of Graduate Programs, and Chair of the Institutional Review Board at CSU.