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Spring 2022: Mediterranean Exploration

Henry Luttikhuizen

Calvin University

Henry Luttikhuizen received his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia and is Emeritus Professor of Art History at Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a specialist in Dutch art, 1400-1700, and has co-authored a couple of textbooks. In addition, Luttikhuizen has curated numerous exhibitions and has served as the President of the Midwest Art Society and as the President of the American Association of Netherlandic Studies. His interest in the visual arts is closely linked to his desire to learn more about the cultural beliefs and practices of others. To his understanding, art not only reflects how people think about themselves and the world but more importantly, it helps give shape to the ways in which we live.

Luttikhuizen does not spend all of his time studying art history. During the summer, it is not uncommon to find him on a golf course or on the water. He enjoys canoeing on local rivers and fishing in Lake Michigan. Nonetheless, truth be told, he prefers his water frozen. Twice a week, Luttikhuizen laces up his skates and plays hockey, a sport he has played since he was a kid. Although he has frequently traveled with students to Europe, this will his first Semester at Sea voyage.

As a side note, Dr. Luttikhuizen’s students typically call him by his first name. Luttikhuizen is admittedly difficult to pronounce. If curious, it is pronounced lut-tick-HOW-zen or Lou-tick-HI-zen, depending on whether you say it in Dutch or in the American-infused Dutch.