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Spring 2020: A Voyage of Discovery

Holly Ritchie

Arizona State University

Holly obtained her Masters of Library and Information Sciences from the University of Arizona and her Bachelors in Library Informatics from Northern Kentucky University. Holly has worked in a variety of libraries including 3 years at Hayden Library at Arizona State University, 4 years at Phoenix Public Libraries, and 3 years at Chase Law Library at Northern Kentucky University.

She enjoys working with library guests of all ages, helping them to complete research/homework, find the perfect book to either pass the time or discover an appreciation of reading, and to get to know whatever parts of their lives they are willing to share with her. Holly also enjoys creating new programs and running established programs that bring the community together and helps the community get the most out of their library. Whether it be a public library or academic library, Holly believes there is a possibility to create programming from which the local community can benefit and enjoy.

Holly’s love of libraries began while in high school. She served as a library aide and helped to reorganize her school’s collection. Over the course of time, her love and excitement grew and fueled a never-ending quest to learn more about people and the world. Holly travels extensively. She enjoys learning about different cultures and meeting people from every walk of life. To date, she has traveled to 31 states and 12 countries/territories; many times her trips are done solo or with only a small group of friends as she prefers to experience each place as much like a local as she can.

In addition to traveling, she regularly spends her time reading, shooting archery, writing, and training in Krav Maga – though she can often be found trying something new or unusual. Her motto in life is, ‘Give every opportunity a thought and give the good ones a try.’