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James B. Tueller has been a member of the faculty at BYU-Hawai’i since August 1997.  Before moving to La’ie, he received his Ph.D. in history at Columbia University in New York City.  He has taught at Bronx Community College of the City University of New York and BYU in Provo, Utah. Professor Tueller was born in Morocco, where his father worked as Vice-Consul in the Tangier Consulate of the United States of America.  Because of his father’s assignments, he also lived in Caracas, Venezuela; Panama City, Panama; Manila, Philippines; and Madrid, Spain.  His first book, Good and Faithful Christians: Moriscos and Catholicism in Early Modern Spain, was published by the University Press of the South in 2002.  It examines the Morisco expulsion from Spain in 1609 and how the descendants of forcibly-baptized Christians adapted to a century’s worth of Catholicism.  A second book on the Spanish Empire in the Pacific Ocean, in contract with the University of Hawai’i, focuses on conversion to Christianity among the eighteenth-century Chamorros of Guam.  He is excited to travel the world with his family.