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Jana Raadik Cottrell

Colorado State University

Dr. Jana Raadik Cottrell is a faculty of the University Honors Program at Colorado State University (CSU) and a senior lecturer of the Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia with over 20 years of international experience in teaching and academic collaboration. Jana holds a MA in Art Education from Estonia, MS in Leisure and Tourism from the Netherlands and a PhD in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources from Colorado State University.

Before coming to the USA for her doctorate, Jana was a department head of an applied art department at Kuressaare Vocational School on the island of Saaremaa teaching courses in art composition and painting as well as tourism and hospitality management, the culinary arts and catering. She has many years of experience in international resort management and marketing in Europe and managing her own travel agency focused on rural tourism. She has been an academic coordinator for several international summer schools on sustainable and memory tourism in Estonia partnering with universities from France, Finland, Latvia, Sweden, The Netherlands, UK and U.S. Her research focuses on sustainable tourism development on islands, place identity, second home ownership and flexible work.

Jana values knowledge gained through the diversity of human experiences and ways of living and appreciates the opportunity to share her passion in arts, food and travel with her students. As an island girl, Jana spent her childhood on the westernmost island of the former Soviet Union, separated from the rest of the world by the “Iron Curtain.” She witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, was one of the two million people who joined their hands to form a human chain Baltic Way spanning more than 400 miles across the Baltic states demonstrating their unity to regain their freedom and sang together with her fellow Estonians during the Singing Revolution. After the collapse of the Soviet Union she was able to cross the borders for the first time and has never stopped since. With her passion for sailing, she is always ready to explore beyond the next horizon.