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Advancement Coordinator

Jaynee Groseth

Jaynee Drange Groseth has had wonderful travel experiences, both in the United States and internationally.  As Director of Admissions and President of the Alumni Association at Montana State University, she has visited every state in the nation and 22 countries.  As a National Officer for Kappa Delta Sorority, as well as in her alumni role, she has made visits to over 50 campuses around the country.  Travel, meeting and getting to know people and learning about history, cultures and traditions, is in her blood.

Being invited to travel with Semester at Sea is something that Jaynee and her husband Rolf, have had in mind for over 35 years.  In talking about their married life, before the wedding 36 years ago, they talked of their commitment to careers in higher education, having a family and eventually checking out something called “Semester at Sea”.  They have, indeed, worked in higher education, each for 38 years.  Last fall, they realized the time was right to check out Semester at Sea. A quick look at the web site showed a position opening for Coordinator of Advancement, a career field where Jaynee has been engaged for the over 20 years. She was offered and accepted the position and began to make plans for the voyage.  Rolf will travel with her and he also suited for this floating campus experience, having served as Dean and Vice President of Student Affairs at Montana State University and Chancellor of Montana State University-Billings.  They are looking forward to sharing the adventure with students, faculty and staff.

The family part happened as well.  Jaynee and Rolf have two sons; Peder who lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife, Jess, where they are accomplished rock climbers and Anders, who lives in Bozeman, Montana, serves as an Admissions Representative at Montana State University and with his girlfriend, Leigh, enjoy all things Montana….skiing, hiking friends, music and FUN.

Jaynee is an active member of Kappa Delta Sorority and PEO, serves on a Task Force at Hope Lutheran Church and as board member of the Student Leadership Institute at Montana State.  She has held leadership roles in community, state and national organizations.

Seeing and learning about the amazing places they’ll visit, going on field excursions to deepen their understanding of people, cultures and landscapes,  is a dream come true….one that has been in their minds for so many years.  They have worked with students and faculty in a variety of ways  and are eager to be involved in the Semester at Sea model of higher education where students, faculty and staff live, learn and travel together.  Jaynee’s goal is to lead conversations and activities that will build a lifelong relationship with fellow travelers and the Semester at Sea program, acknowledging that every participate will return home more globally aware and prepared for leadership roles influenced by greater knowledge and understanding of our world and its people.