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Fall 2016: The Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Beyond

Fall 2016

The Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Beyond
Professor & Director of Global Studies

Jeanne Ballantine

Wright State University

Jeanne Ballantine received her MA from Columbia University and her PhD from Indiana University, both in Sociology. Her specialties include Global Studies; Sociology of Education; Race, Class and Gender Issues; and Sociology of Teaching and Learning. She has written books and articles and given presentations and workshops on topics in sociology of education and teaching and learning (especially success in learning). Dr. Ballantine’s books include Our Social World, Sociology of Education, Schools and Societies, Sociological Footprints, and teaching resource books and articles. Dr. Ballantine has served in numerous leadership positions including Department Chair, founder and director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, President of the Faculty, president of several sociological organizations, and on commissions and task forces on higher education. She is recipient of many teaching and leadership awards for her work in sociology and in teaching and learning. Her current research focuses on comparative higher education.

Travel has taken her to many countries and every continent (except Antarctica) to study, teach, do research, and lead student groups. She has traveled with Semester at Sea on five voyages (three as Associate Director of the Global Studies course), has been a Fulbright scholar in Africa, and has taught abroad in several countries. She believes that study abroad is crucial to the international understanding necessary to be an effective global citizen in today’s world.

Her most exhilarating experiences have been learning to adjust to different cultures and languages. She has traveled abroad with her family on Semester at Sea and for teaching exchanges. Sharing these experiences has strengthened their family ties.