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Fall 2020: Europe, Africa, and Asia

Fall 2020

Europe, Africa, and Asia
Academic Dean

Jeff McCubbin

Jeff McCubbin served as the Dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences at Colorado State University from 2011-2019. Prior to that he was a University Distinguished Professor of Exercise Science and Executive Associate Dean in the College of Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University (OSU).  He directed an internationally recognized graduate program in Movement Studies in Disability in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Sciences at Oregon State University. International students is his graduate program were from Finland, Germany, Korea, China, Singapore, Canada, Greece and Kuwait. His research and teaching interests have focused on the role of physical activity and exercise on improving functional skills and reducing secondary complications of disability.

He completed his BS degree from East Stroudsburg State College (PA) in 1976; his MA in Special Physical Education from the University of Connecticut in 1977, and completed his PhD from the University of Virginia in 1983. Jeff McCubbin was inducted as a fellow in the prestigious National Academy of Kinesiology in 1998. He will be a professor emeritus of Health and Exercise Science and Dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences at CSU.

Jeff and his spouse Debbie love to travel, visit grandchildren, engage in community based non-profit leadership, and find ways to enjoy exercise no matter the season.