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Fall 2022: European and Asian Adventure
Associate Professor

Jennifer Krafchick

Colorado State University

Jen Krafchick is an associate professor of Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) at Colorado State University (CSU). Jen has been at CSU for 22 years as a graduate student, staff, and faculty member. She earned her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies, and PhD in Education at CSU. Her career at CSU began coordinating the CSU Victim Assistance Team to support survivors of interpersonal violence and after completing her graduate studies she became a faculty member in HDFS in 2008. Jen has won multiple teaching awards at CSU including CSU’s Best Teacher Award and Honors Professor of the Year. She is a passionate educator who cares deeply about her students and loves getting to know them.

At CSU, Jen teaches experiential courses that provide students with hands on preparation for their careers in human services, healthcare, and education. She co-developed and co-directs the Campus Connections Youth Mentoring program and service-learning course. Campus Connections is a nationally recognized therapeutic youth mentoring program that has won local, regional, and national awards. She currently serves as Director of Undergraduate Student Affairs in HDFS, chairs the Honors Faculty Council, and teaches courses on sexuality and gender in the University Honors Program and lifespan development, grant writing, and professional development courses in HDFS.

Prior to coming to CSU, Jen served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Solomon Islands, South Pacific teaching middle school students and working with women’s groups. At CSU, Jen’s international education experience continued through leading a service-learning course to Mexico engaging students with local youth. She and her Campus Connections colleagues also partner with faculty at the University of Auckland in New Zealand to license and support the Campus Connections program.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Jen developed a passion for learning about other cultures as a young child living abroad with her family. Jen earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Drexel University and after completing two internships in Colorado, fell in love with the west. Jen’s husband Dave also works at CSU as Director of the Colorado Natural Heritage Program. They have two college-age daughters who will be joining us on SAS. Jen also has many pets including a pandemic pup Meadow, three old cats who are not very excited about the puppy, and five chickens. Jen loves to hike, kayak, read, and travel to new places.