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Spring 2022: Mediterranean Exploration
Academic Dean

Jessica Davis

Colorado State University

Jessica Davis is Professor and Head of the Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture at Colorado State University. She is a soil scientist who can’t wait to leave dryland behind and join you on this amazing around-the-world voyage!

Jessica has been a faculty member at CSU for 25 years and was at the University of Georgia before that. She has been engaged in international work her entire career from minoring in International Agriculture at Cornell (with a capstone trip to Costa Rica) to her PhD research in Niger while at Texas A&M. Jessica was a Visiting Scientist in Canada and a Fulbright Scholar in Environmental Sciences in Argentina and Uruguay and has served as an agricultural advisor to non-profit organizations in Cambodia and Guatemala. She used to coordinate the Peace Corps Masters International degree program in Agricultural Sciences at CSU which included mentoring student research projects in Cameroon, Ecuador, Paraguay, Lesotho, and Senegal. Most recently, Jessica has been working with students at Hawassa University in Ethiopia on developing alternative, biological fertilizers (see her TEDx talk on this project here ). She has also advised many graduate students from around the world including Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, and Thailand. She’s hoping to visit a few of those former students on our voyage!

Jessica served as the President of the American Society of Agronomy in 2017 and was selected by the Denver Business Journal as an honoree in Who’s Who in Colorado Agriculture in 2020. Jessica is married and has two grown children, Maya and Peter. She speaks German well, gets French and Spanish mixed up (once accidentally spoke Spanish in a formal meeting with the Secretary of Agriculture in the République du Mali), and speaks a smattering of Mandarin. She enjoys hiking and music and is learning Tai Chi and how to paint with watercolors.