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Joan Paluzzi

Discipline: Anthropology/Sociology

Joan is a medical anthropologist who served as the administrative coordinator and one of the Senior Fellows for the largest task force within the United Nations Millennium Project (The Task Force on HIV, TB, Malaria, and Access to Essential Medicines.) She was one of the lead authors on two of the four final reports published by the sub-groups within the task force. The Millennium Development Goals and the indicators needed to measure progress towards achieving them were established during the three years of the Millennium Project. Following a one-year post-doctoral fellowship at the internationally respected NGO, Partners In Health (PIH) and their educational outreach division, the Institute for Health and Social Justice, she continued on at the NGO working on special projects including their summer internship program. She taught for six years at the University of North Carolina Greensboro and her extensive healthcare experience includes twenty years in critical and emergency care. Her anthropological research and publications have focused on the social context and experience of TB, health as a fundamental human right, and related issues of access to essential healthcare goods and services by underserved populations in the United States and internationally.