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Josh Weisberg

From the time that he learned to walk, Josh was rarely seen without a camera.  The Fisher Price  Pocket Camera became a functioning 126 that Josh used to document bugs and knee scrapes, often without film in the camera.  Shy in high school, the lens allowed him to be a participant observer photographing sports and daily life, many of the images finding their way into yearbooks.  As an anthropology major at Northern Arizona University, Josh felt it was time to take a how-to course and enrolled in a beginning black-and-white photography class.  The instructor pulled Josh aside after the first presentation and gave him a special assignment: apply at the student newspaper.  Josh got the job, which led to an 11-year career as a wire service photojournalist in Arizona, the Netherlands, and California, before segueing into television.

Having sailed twice before aboard the MV Explorer as the photographer on the Spring 2006 and Fall 2007 voyages, Josh is delighted to be coming home — this time with Carey, his wife — to contribute to the shipboard community again.