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Fall 2019: Canals and The Atlantic

Fall 2019

Canals and The Atlantic
Management Consultant & Author

Joyce Gioia

The Herman Group

Certified Management Consultant, Joyce Gioia [joy-yah] sees her role as preparing students for the world of work. When she is talking about a skill or a how-to, she will always illustrate with a story and/or why it is important. She believes strongly that has “the-why” is vital for students’ understanding of The Big Picture. She is also a firm believer that students will learn better by doing, than by merely hearing or seeing. A strong believer in the use of multi-media to engage students, Joyce’s classes will include audio and video interviews and exercises that illustrate her points.

The author of three business bestsellers, Joyce has been writing and speaking about leading high-performance teams for over 25 years. With an MBA from Fordham University, she has taught Leadership Teams on six continents and is regularly quoted in the national press in the United States, though she has been featured in the national media from Accra to Singapore. Most recently, Joyce was quoted in TIME Magazine.

For 25 years, Joyce has taught leadership to high-performing hospitality teams around the world from Maui to Macau and Boston to Bangkok. Her experiential approach is more than just lecture; her goal is to teach her participants skills they may implement right away to be better leaders. Her intention is to teach her students these skills as well.

An innovator herself, Joyce was the first to use a telecomputer to sell magazine subscriptions; she created the concept of a “club bulletin” in a magazine to promote direct marketing offers; she pioneered subscription promotion in Peru; Joyce created the first syndication programs between direct marketers, magazines, and catalogers. She was the first person to promote the concept of “Internal Marketing”, bonding with employees as valued customers. And finally, her groundbreaking, new book Experience Rules heralds the rise of the CExO (Chief Experience Officer). Joyce also worked with BP and Procter & Gamble Latin America to create organizational innovation.

Joyce is married to Dr. Carl Berman, the Braun Glazer Scholar for Oceans and Sustainability for the Fall 2019 Voyage for Semester at Sea. Between them they have four daughters and seven grandchildren. Joyce and Carl live in Austin, Texas. Joyce is looking forward to opportunities to share her enthusiasm for what works in corporate cultures throughout the world.