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Spring 2023: Asian, African, and European Exploration
Associate Professor

Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager

Colorado State University

Dr. Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager is excited to serve on a Semester at Sea voyage again. As Global Faculty, she teaches in the areas of Intercultural and International Communication/Global Studies, Conflict Management and Resolution, and Gender and Communication: Voices of Women of the World.

Dr. Khrebtan-Hörhager is an Associate Professor of Communication, Education Abroad Advisor, and a Director of Summer Education Abroad programs at Colorado State University. She is a holder of three International Communication Association Top Paper Awards, and four communication studies Capstone Awards. Her research, teaching, and consulting interests are in intercultural and international communication, European studies, global conflict, international cinematography, intersectional Othering, and critical media studies. Feminist perspectives on communication and business leadership with a global mindset are further areas of her scholarly focus. She is the author of Communicating the Other across Cultures; and Migrant World Making. She has also published in venues such as Communication, Culture, & Critique; Journal of Multicultural Discourses; Journal of International & Intercultural Communication; Women’s Studies in Communication; Journal of Intercultural Communication Research; Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture; and Studies in European Cinema; as well as book chapters in edited volumes, including National Rhetorics in Syrian Immigration Crisis, Perspectives on Child Migrants, Intercultural Communication: Adapting to the Emerging Global Realities, Communicating Differences: Culture, Media, Peace & Conflict Negotiation, and Negotiating Identity and Transnationalism.

Dr. Khrebtan-Hörhager’s intercultural experiences in professional non-academic contexts include serving as a peace corps liaison in Ukraine, a counselor/creative director at an international children’s center in Crimea, a translator for a technology company in Germany, a founding partner of a consulting group in the USA, and a key member of the advising/programming committee for the Colorado State University ACT (Awaken, Connect, Transform) Human Rights Film Festival. She is a passionate education abroad director and voyage leader in Italy. Dr. Khrebtan-Hörhager is fluent in seven languages and is often called “a cultural mentor” and “an intercultural ambassador” by her colleagues, as well as current and former students.