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Interport Lecturer- Takoradi to Salvador

Julio Cesar Souza Tavares

Julio Cesar Souza Tavares is a Full Professor at the Department of Anthropology and member of the Collegiate of the Graduate Program in Anthropology at Fluminense Federal University. He graduated in History from the Fluminense Federal University (1980), obtained his Master in Sociology from the University of Brasilia (1984), and completed his PhD in Anthropology – University of Texas at Austin (1998) and postdoctorate as Rockfeller Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Center for Black Music Research in Chicago (2001).

He is a distinguished Visiting Professor at the Florida Atlantic University Department of Communication, Boca Raton, Miami, USA (2004), a Carnegie Equity Scholar at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (2010) and a PhD Professor in Cultural Studies at Andean Simón Bolivar University, Quito, Ecuador (since 2010).

Julio participates in the Advisory Board of ASWAD (Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora) and works with Communication Anthropology, African Diaspora Anthropology, Body Anthropology, History of Africa and African Diaspora in Brazil and the United States, Contemporary Anthropological Theory, Ethnicorracial Relations, Semiotics, Cultural Studies and Ethnographic Methodology with the following themes: black representation in media, ethnography of the African diaspora in South America, interpersonal communication, ethnocentrism, racism and discrimination, body culture and ethnicity, education, cognition and innovation technologies.

Julio operates in consultancy on diversity, culture, communication and intercultural cognition. He is also a tireless activist in the fight against racism and for the inclusion of Anthropological and Historical Studies of the Diaspora and African Civilization in all curricula of the country’s public and private schools.

He has been a member since 2013 of the Capoeira Safeguard Working Group on the Intangible Heritage Directorate of the Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage. He coordinates the Technical Collaboration UFF / IPHAN for Intangible Heritage, according to DO 22/05/2015. Since February 2015 he has been a consultant member of the National Truth Commission on Slavery of the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association. He is currently coordinating the Latu-Senso Postgraduate Diploma in Anthropology and Cognitive Development and was Curator and General Coordinator of TEDxUFF 2012.