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Fall 2018: A Voyage Around the World

Fall 2018

A Voyage Around the World

Kaiqi Hua

University of British Columbia

Kaiqi Hua is a postdoctoral fellow in Buddhist Studies in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He is the instructor for Semester at Sea’s courses in East Asian religious traditions and comparative religious studies. Kaiqi makes use of different materials in class to assist his teaching, such as books, maps, holy scriptures, religious pamphlets, temple souvenirs, and tutelary objects. He will lead field classes into religious sites and ask students to collect materials, which makes his religious studies class tangible. Students gain hands-on experience of religious phenomenon and material culture.

Kaiqi holds a Ph.D. in World Cultures from the University of California, Merced. His research interests include Buddhism and East Asian religions, the history of China and the Mongol Empire, the Silk Road and sacred geography, migration and diaspora, and digital humanities. Previously, he was a visiting researcher at the Lingnan University in Hong Kong, Zhejiang University in China, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University in Israel, and the University of California, Berkeley. He is a native of Hangzhou – Marco Polo’s far east destination, and a globetrotter across three continents. His travel record expands from rainforests in Hawaii to dry desert in Jordan, from oasis fortresses in Mongolia to the hilltop castle in Salzburg.

When not on the road, Kaiqi spends his time cooking, jogging, riding horses, learning new languages, and roaming around different neighborhoods. He also plans to organize sunrise yoga and sunset meditation sessions on board, and make our world voyage a spiritual journey!