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Spring 2019: A Voyage of Discovery
Assistant Professor

Kelly McKenna

Colorado State University

Dr. Kelly McKenna is an assistant professor in the Adult Education and Training Graduate Program in the School of Education at Colorado State University.  She completed her Ph.D. in Educational Technology from the University of Northern Colorado and earned a master’s degree in Education and Human Resource Studies with a specialization in Adult Education and Training from Colorado State University. Dr. McKenna’s teaching experience includes face-to-face, hybrid, and online instruction.  Her research interests lie in the field of adult and higher education, with research objectives aimed to support adult learners in their educational and occupational endeavors by creating optimal learning environments and facilitating successful student experiences.  She focuses on distance education with attention to technology enhanced teaching and learning and online learning communities.

Kelly lives in Colorado with her two golden retrievers Kai (Ocean in Hawaiian) and Koa (Adventurer in Hawaiian).  She is an avid traveler looking for an opportunity to visit Antarctica, as this continent has eluded her.  She is a xenophile passionate about the valuable lessons learned from visiting new places and immersing herself in the culture and experiences presented to her.  In her free time she enjoys hiking, boating, watching movies, skiing (water and snow), reading, spa visits, interior design (her home is a renovated church built in 1906), working out, and spending time with family and friends.

Dr. McKenna views the Semester at Sea Voyage as a wonderful opportunity for her and her students to experience new things, learn together, push each other, and feel slightly uncomfortable – as this is where the most growth occurs.  She is looking forward to the opportunity to create lifelong relationships with the spring 2019 shipboard community.