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Spring 2019: A Voyage of Discovery
Interport Lecturer- Morocco

Keltouma Guerch

Keltouma Guerch is a full-time ESL teacher at CPGE Centre in Oujda, Morocco. She has twelve years of experience as a part-time professor in the English Department, Faculty of Humanities and Ecole Supérieur de Technology at Mohamed I University, Oujda, Morocco.

Keltouma holds a BA and DESA in Colonial and Post-colonial Discourse from the Mohamed I University in Oujda, Morocco. She is currently a PhD candidate at Mohamed V University in Rabat Agdal, Morocco.

Keltouma is a Fulbright alumna at Kent State University on two different programs; ILEP (2007) and Joint Supervision (2008-2011). She was also a Morocco Host Teacher of TGC (Teachers for Global Classrooms) in 2018. Keltouma was a grantee on 3 programs administered by AMIDEAST and IREX: Fulbright Alumni Development Grant (2016 & 2018), Fulbright Community Grant (2018), and IREX Small Grant (2008 & 2010).

Keltouma has participated in ten national and internationals conferences and congresses of education, sociology, and literature. She was also the Regional Award of Teacher of the Year in 2005 and 2009.

Keltouma’s fields of interest and research include: Travel literature, colonial and post-colonial discourse, orientalism, women’s writings, South-to-North migration, Women migrants’ narratives, African literature, comparative education, social and human development, cyber movements, and community projects, among others.