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Registrar/Assistant to the Academic Dean

Krista Bajgier

Krista Bajgier has been an administrator at the University of Virginia since 2007, providing academic, undergraduate, and faculty support to both the Biology and Media Studies Departments. Prior to her work at the University, she managed a number of community programs for adolescents and young adults addressing violence intervention, conflict resolution, identity development, and intercultural understanding. It’s no surprise, then, that her favorite part of working at the University has been helping undergraduate students through their personal and professional development. 

Kris received her Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies and Native American Indian Studies at the University of Massachusetts –Amherst. She’s taken subsequent courses in nonprofit management at the University of Miami and courses at the University of Virginia in the hope of completing a graduate degree in Educational Psychology / Counseling.

Outside of the office, Kris has difficulty sitting still and gets passionate about almost everything. She’s regularly involved in volunteer service, DIY projects, designing steam punk jewelry, dancing, and playing outside. She is very excited to be traveling this voyage because this will be the biggest adventure she’s embarked on since her train tour around the U.S. and her summer excursion through Australia.