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Spring 2022: Mediterranean Exploration
Physician Assistant

Kristin Mancuso

Kristin Mancuso is a Physician Assistant joining us on our Spring 2022 voyage. She has 20 years of experience working in emergency medicine and women’s health. After receiving her undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley in Social Welfare, Kristin later attended Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, where she was part of the charter class for their Physician Assistant Masters program. Kristin has spent most of her career at Highland Hospital in Oakland, where she has developed her expertise in forensic medicine, training local advocacy groups, medical practitioners, law enforcement, district attorneys, and the military.
During the Semester at Sea term, Kristin is incredibly excited to develop connections with those onboard. She recognizes the challenges and excitement travel brings, and hopes to learn from students as they demonstrate their resilience and enthusiasm for new experiences.
Aside from medicine, Kristin has a deep connection to nature, animals, spirituality, and enjoys movement of all kinds. She has a long back ground in martial arts, and most recently has taken to surfing. Fitness of mind, body, and spirit are goals she strives for, and building community where people feel safe to express themselves and learn from one another is her dream.