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Resident Director

Kyle Ashlee

Hailing from a small rural town in Michigan, Kyle grew up with a knack for community development and relationship building. As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan he majored in Philosophy and Political Science and had the chance to study abroad in the Dominican Republic. From there, he went on to pursue his master’s degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education at Colorado State University where he discovered a passion for social justice, specifically working with boys and men around bystander intervention, ally development, and positive masculinity. After his graduate studies, Kyle won the job lottery and began working at Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland where he developed internationally recognized social justice leadership programs. After meeting his wife and traveling around Europe for 3 years, he moved back to the states and worked at Dartmouth College as the Director of the Center for Gender and Student Engagement. Most recently, he and his married partner, Aeriel, have started their own diversity and social justice consulting company based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Kyle and Aeriel are excited to bring their passion for adventure and learning to Semester at Sea as they travel around the world in Spring 2015.