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Academic Dean

LaVahn Hoh

LaVahn Hoh is a professor of drama in the Department of Drama at the University of Virginia. He received a Master of Fine Arts in Drama from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1972. LaVahn joined the University of Virginia faculty in 1969. He has been on the faculties of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (1966-67) and Northern Illinois University (1967-68). Hoh is well known for his expertise in technical theatre and special effects. In addition to teaching theatre technology courses, he is a nationally known circus historian and teaches the only college-accredited course in America on the history of circus. He has been featured in USA Today and People Magazine.

Hoh co-authored a book entitled, Step Right Up! The Adventure of Circus in America. He wrote The History of Clowning for Microsoft’s 1998 version of Encarta and the History of the Circus for the 2001 edition of the World Book Encyclopedia. In 2007, he completed the history of the American circus train for the University of Indiana Press.

From 1989-1997, Hoh served as archivist and historian for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, a position created for him. He has appeared in several Arts and Entertainment Network presentations including “200 Years of Circus In America”; “Dare Devils”; “The Flying Wallendas”; and, “The History of the Ringling Brothers”.