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Interport Lecturer

Lawrence Bell

Originally trained in Linguistics and ESL, Lawrence Bell has degrees from Southern Illinois University (SIU) where he taught for two years. He also taught in and directed the Intensive English Program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for 12 years before moving into international education administration on that campus. All told, Bell’s higher education international experience combines for a total of over 30 years on four campuses.

Bell has served NAFSA: Association of International Education in a number of positions. Most recently he served as NAFSA’s Vice President for Policy and Practice (2005 – 07). In addition, he has served in elected positions in TESOL and other professional associations; and, has served or is currently serving on the boards of several foundations and educational organizations. He also served as a member of the Executive Committee of the Association of International Educational Administrators (AIEA). He received a Fulbright for a program in Korea in 2000.

Bell developed his interest in international activities while serving as a draftee in the military in Viet Nam. After leaving the army, he studied Vietnamese language and linguistics (his BA is in Vietnamese Language from SIU, MA in Linguistics) and that started him on his international journey. That journey has taken him to more than forty different countries as a part of his higher education work.