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María del Mar López-Cabrales

Colorado State University

Professor López-Cabrales teaches Latin American and Spanish culture and literature at Colorado State University.  López-Cabrales’ approach to teaching and research is multi-disciplinary and bridges experiences across countries. Specifically, her primary research projects have focused on the intersection of literature and culture in Latin America and Spain.

Professor López-Cabrales’ first book focused on female writers, artists, and activists in Argentina.  She spent a month in Buenos Aires creating contacts and interviewing women. Her second book applied some of her Argentine findings to the experience of women in Spain, where she conducted interviews with a cross-section of contemporary female authors.  More recently, Professor López-Cabrales has focused on writers in Cuba.  She has traveled twice to Havana to conduct a combination of archival and library research with interviews and presentations.  Her Cuba research has produced two books.

In the classroom, Professor López-Cabrales’ teaching philosophy is student-oriented.  It is based on classroom discussions, student presentations, and an ongoing effort to connect book learning to real world experiences.  She is a strong believer that student participation is key to successful learning.  She is known for creating a classroom setting that is both challenging and a safe place for students to ask questions and express their thoughts and opinions.

Professor López-Cabrales has extensive international experience as a professor, researcher and traveler.  She has served as a visiting professor at the Universidad de Cádiz, Spain and was twice the CSU study abroad faculty in residence at the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares. Professor López-Cabrales taught on Semester at Sea in Fall 2000 and sailed as an Interport Lecturer in Summer 2001. An avid traveler, she has traveled around the world for both conferences and fun. Professor López-Cabrales’ travel experience includes time in Argentina, Brazil, Britain, China, Colombia, Cuba, France, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela.