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Spring 2022: Mediterranean Exploration
Second Physician

Mark Wills

Dr Mark Wills is very excited to sail as the second physician for the Spring Voyage. He served as the Physician during our Spring 2020 Voyage. His efforts alongside shipboard management helped to ensure health and sanitation methods were upheld throughout the semester, contributing to no reported COVID-19 cases on the ship during the Spring 2020 Voyage.
Dr. Mark is an emergency physician with over 30 years experience. He has practiced in many rural emergency departments, a teaching hospital in Santa Rosa, California, as well as the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona. Dr Mark was raised in Arizona and initially trained in family medicine, but found he thrived on the excitement, variety and lifestyle he experienced practicing emergency medicine. He has now spent over 30 years in northern California and still very much enjoys patient care, connecting with his patients and making a difference in their lives.
He enjoys giving back by volunteering in medical missionary work. Most recently he participated with a team in Baja California, Mexico and subsequently in a poor, rural fishing village on Lake Victoria in Kenya. There he treated many patients with various tropical diseases rarely seen in the United States.
Part of the voyage he is very much looking forward to is meeting and getting to know the students, faculty and staff, their children, as well as the lifelong learners on the ship. He hopes to foster many new relationships and to form a whole new family/community on the voyage.
Traveling is one of his favorite pastimes and he feels each new destination offers a unique learning opportunity and experience. He is eagerly anticipating the various countries, cities, cultures and people he will encounter.
Dr Mark also enjoys skiing, cycling, hiking, wildlife, nature and the outdoors! He will be traveling with his wonderful wife Kelly and step daughter, Ellie, who will be a high school junior.