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Fall 2018: A Voyage Around the World

Fall 2018

A Voyage Around the World
Administrative Assistant- Academic Support

Marla Munnich

Marla Munnich is an art teacher and co-owner of Spark Arts Center in Portland, Oregon for the last 5 years.  Marla recently returned from 6 wonderful months of trekking and volunteering in Nepal. Marla met her husband, Randy, when they were both Peace Corps Volunteers in Nepal in the 1980s, so returning to live in Nepal was a time of reconnecting with the language, culture  and with old friends.  Marla and Randy are proud parents of 2 college aged children, Zoe and Ari.  As a family they have traveled extensively and have had the opportunity to live overseas in Lithuania, Ethiopia and Nepal.  Besides travel, Marla enjoys hiking, creating ceramic art and a capella singing with her group, “Dame Nation.”