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Associate Professor of U.S. and International History

Matthew Jacobs

University of Florida

Matthew Jacobs is Associate Professor of U.S. and International History at the University of Florida. He earned is BA in History from Cornell University (1993), and his MA (1996) and PhD (2002) in History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He specializes in the history of U.S. foreign relations, particularly with the Middle East, and contemporary international history, and regularly teaches courses on U.S.-Middle East Relations, the United States and the Contemporary World, the Vietnam War, the World since 1945, and U.S. Foreign Relations since 1914. He has received both the Department of History and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher of the Year awards (2005 and 2010, respectively). Professor Jacobs is the author of Imagining the Middle East: The Building of an American Foreign Policy, 1918-1967, and offers frequent commentary on current international political issues through public talks and interviews with local radio and newspaper outlets.  He is currently working on three new research projects: understanding U.S. responses to different cases in the Arab Spring in their proper historical context; examining U.S. responses to the rise of Islamist movements in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia in a global context; and using sports as a vehicle to explore themes in contemporary international politics.