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Teaching Assistant

Melissa White

Melissa White is thrilled to be sailing again as the assistant director of the Writing Center, a position she also held during the Fall 2011 voyage.  Most recently she has been Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Alma College in central Michigan, after defending her dissertation on nineteenth-century American literature at the University of Virginia in 2012.  Her other research interests include anglophone lyric (especially Emily Dickinson and her contemporaries), history of the book, and cultural expressions of grief and mourning.  She has tutored in the UVa Writing Center, taught literature and academic writing at multiple levels for over a decade, and assisted in the development of UVa’s online writing curriculum.  She discovered her vocation while teaching English as a second language in the Czech Republic for one year after graduating with her BA in English from the University of Oregon. While traveling she loves communicating with the locals (whether or not she speaks the language), exploring the sources and preparation of local foods, and having experiences she couldn’t readily have at home, like crowding with shipmates into Japanese photo booths, initiating a cultural exchange with Girl Guides in Mauritius, or climbing Table Mountain in South Africa.