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Nancy Janus

Eckerd College

For the last twenty years, Nancy Janus has been a professor of human development at Eckerd College in Saint Petersburg, Florida. During that time she has pursued her most passionate interests at once, teaching Global Children’s Issues, Human Trafficking, Issues in Adoption, and Counseling. Folded into these courses have been travels with students to Viet Nam, Malaysia, Tanzania, Thailand and especially Cambodia. She also led spring break service trips throughout Central America.

Her academic life began with a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. While there she also gained her license as a clinical psychologist. Prior to that, she taught French in high schools, earned a Masters in School Psychology, and taught at the Eastern Kentucky University.  For twelve years she was a tenured Professor of School Psychology and Counseling at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven. A talented linguist, she is fluent in French, Spanish, and Tunisian Arabic, this last reflecting her three years in the Peace Corps in Tunisia.

Along the way she has pursued her strong interest in adoption, creating a program in international adoption in Bolivia that ultimately facilitated the adoption of more than seventy infants. She and her husband also have three daughters adopted from Colombia.

Travel and international cultural exchange have been central to every academic effort she has undertaken. A recent publication, Ethnicity in the lives of modern Malaysian youth, was the result of a summer in Malaysia with five Eckerd students, who interviewed youth in food courts in throughout the country. Her numerous winter term student trips to Cambodia were devoted to field studies on children’s issues and human trafficking in Southeast Asia. Her most recent publication, West meets East: The current state of mental health services in Cambodia grew from another field study trip interviewing mental health service providers throughout the country.  Travel for Nancy has taken on a different dimension since a bicycle accident in 2012 left her in a wheelchair. Nonetheless,  her teaching and professional interests continue to flourish despite this handicap and she is especially delighted to have the opportunity of teaching on Semester at Sea.