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Resident Director

Nathan Bunch

Nathan Bunch is currently serving as a graduate assistant in The Center for Leadership & Social Change where his primary focus is on social justice education and leadership development. His area of research is on Latina/o students and the development of their ethno-racial identity and socio-political engagement. Born in El Paso, Nathan is a proud Texan, earning his bachelor’s in Sociology and in Mexican American Studies from The University of Texas at Austin in 2011. The foundation of Nathan’s work is on educating students on societal inequity and how to effectively create social change to better impact our community, country, and the world. Nathan is passionate about politics and critical conversations around world issues. He believes that it is every citizen’s duty to partake in the democratic process in some form, and he believes that in educating ourselves about the diverse cultural experiences of our peers and colleagues, we can better serve those around us. Having visited London and Paris in the summer of 2012, Nathan is excited for the opportunity to travel the world with students and engage in meaningful discussions about our identities as global citizens and our responsibility to one another.