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Spring 2022: Mediterranean Exploration
Associate Teaching Professor

S. Patrick Mahoney

Colorado State University

Affiliated with the department of sociology at Colorado State University, Pat Mahoney has been afforded the distinct opportunity of teaching university students for over 20 years. Dr. Mahoney received his Ph.D. from CSU, and after that honor he remained on the faculty in a teaching position. Pat believes that being a University educator is a privilege and responsibility, neither of which he takes lightly. Dr. Mahoney considers the classroom to be the epicenter of learning, where challenging and lively discussion about today’s important issues provides students an opportunity for personal exploration and growth. As a “floating classroom,” Semester as Sea is an even more exciting place for critical engagement, while remembering to have some fun in the along the way! Being inquisitive and taking ownership for one’s learning is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and one another. With investment, passion, and commitment we can all make this happen. This is particularly true as we share our exhilarating time together during Semester at Sea.

In the sociology department, Pat teaches upper division and graduate courses. His areas of instruction range across a variety of subject-areas which include Sociological Theory, Health and Medicine, Work and Leisure, Political Sociology, and the department’s Senior Capstone Seminar. Additionally, Pat is collaborating with a colleague in the Department of English on a course that creates a conversation between environmental sociology and the literary world of climate fiction. Pat’s current research investigates the impact of global tourism in Antarctica. He is also working on an international comparison of different country’s responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a Colorado native, Pat lives with his wife Sharon of 25 years in an old and unpredictable 1895 farmhouse. Sharon will be accompanying him on the spring 2022 voyage. When not teaching Pat enjoys traveling, being active outdoors, playing with his cat Maisie and, of course, digging in the dirt.

The last year has certainly shown that we live in unpredictable times. This uncertainty suggests that we have a responsibility to one another to apply our critical knowledge and understanding of the world to collectively promote effective and meaningful social change. During our time together at Semester Sea, we will work together to establish the foundations for just such action!