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Spring 2022: Mediterranean Exploration
Medical Swing

Peter Hernandez

Peter was born in San Mateo, (California). In his early adult years, he became a carpenter (framer), surfing the home construction boom of the time. At the age of 27, Peter moved to Arizona, where he was lucky enough to be hired as a professional Firefighter/ Paramedic. After 23 years on the Tempe fire department, he retired but still loved Emergency Medicine, so Peter became certified as a College Instructor of Basic First Aid, then more advanced disciplines like Basic Trauma Life Support, Emergency Cardiology, Anatomy/Physiology, and Emergency Pharmacology, so as to instruct students to be certified as State and National Registry Paramedics.
It was at a medical conference held in the area of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (also known Lake Powell, AZ.) that Peter met a wonderful physician presenter who he then expeditiously married at a very special spot and secret canyon in the beautiful area adjacent to Sedona, AZ. Since they both loved to travel, for their honeymoon, they decided to sell or give away all of their worldly possessions and embarked on a around the world odyssey. This wonderful experience took them to:
South Pacific Islands
European countries (including France,Greece,Italy, Spain, and England)
It was through these travels and Peter’s subsequent travels through China, that he learned how valuable it was to walk in other cultures’ shoes and see the paths that so many of our fellow humans take. Now they are fortunate enough to repeat this lifelong dream again as they circumnavigate the Mediterranean on a ship. Peter hopes to indulge his hobby of photography all along the way, and to expand his knowledge of local cultures. And he always remember the words of Mark Twain: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness”.