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Registrar/Assistant to the Academic Dean

Quynh Nguyen

Quynh Nguyen is the Program Coordinator at the University of Virginia’s Lorna Sundberg International Center. She fell in love with education abroad and travelling when she studied abroad during her undergraduate years at the University of Virginia. She was an exchange student at the National University of Singapore and she participated in the January term in India.

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she joined the International Center to promote international education, cultures around the world, and intercultural interaction. She is experienced in planning, executing, and managing cultural programs. She also co-chairs the International Education Week committee at U.Va.

She is incredibly excited to bring her passion for international education and learning about the world to Semester at Sea as the Registrar. She looks forward to meeting and working with everyone on board and eating her way around the world. Foodie alert!