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Senior Fellow Faculty, Associate Professor of Engineering, and Director of Engineering Programs

Richard D’Amato

Elon University

Richard D’Amato is a Senior Fellow Faculty and Associate Professor of Engineering at Elon
University and Director of their Engineering Programs. He received his undergraduate degree
in Aerospace Engineering in 1966, joined NASA and contributed to the first man landing on
the moon in 1969. He received an advanced degree in Ocean Engineering from the University
of Miami and worked for years as an ocean engineer and physical oceanographer at Miami
and North Carolina State University. His research involved water treatment, estuarine and
surface water contamination. He received his PhD in Civil/Environmental and Water Resource
Engineering from the University of South Carolina where his work shifted to groundwater
contamination issues. While at Elon he established the engineering program that has produced
dozens of well-rounded engineers. During his years at Elon he has also created and directed
numerous study abroad courses throughout Europe and Asia. These courses exposed non-science
majoring students to varied environments and manmade structures and encouraged the student to
observe and study them with a newly developed scientific/engineering eye; one of his passions.