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Professor Emeritus of Geography and the Environment

Robin Doughty

University of Texas at Austin

Robin Doughty is fascinated with how mankind has changed the face of the earth, and is continuing to re-arrange the habitats of plants and animals that add character and distinction to the landscapes we live in.  Currently a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Geography and the Environment at the University of Texas in Austin, Robin has recently co-authored his tenth book, titled The Albatross and the Fish.  He explores how industrial fishers are threatening ocean-loving albatrosses and the changes being made in fishing practices that harm them. This work exemplifies Robin’s interest in how human beings use, manage and protect plants and animals in different regions.  Additional books include recovery of the endangered whooping crane, the introduction of eucalyptus trees beyond Australia, and the spread of the nine-banded armadillo – a new mammal in the US South.  In developing the theme of man-induced changes in the landscape, Robin has traveled extensively in such places as China (Yangtze Valley), Central and South America, Africa, and Australia.  He will be teaching about his current research in a course that examines ongoing measures to identify and control the spread of so-called invasive species that are affecting natural ecosystems and human societies around the world.