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Administrative Assistant for Communication

Sarita Ruiz Morato

Sarita Ruiz Morato grew up in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. There she studied Government and International Relations, and went on to Budapest for a Masters in International Relations.

She has experience in communications and project management. She has held positions at Ford Foundation, the Colombia Chapter of International Transparency, among others. She sees communication as a tool to connect diverse stakeholders with different types of realities and experiences.

She loves salsa music and is passionate about it. While in Hungary, she took up dancing Salsa Casino to help her get over her feelings of homesickness. More recently she does Yoga to complement her day-today and to enhance her ability to focus.

Semester at Sea means a lot to her: exploring the world, learning more about the different cultures of the world, meeting new young people, communicating experiences, supporting on-board staculty, and being part of the community.