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Scott D. Risser

Montana Tech

Scott D. Risser is a Professor of Psychological Science at Montana Technological University in Butte, Montana. He completed his Doctorate at the University of Texas at Dallas in 2008 studying how parents and others influence adolescents use of social aggression (the use of manipulative and indirect hostile tactics within in their peer groups). He earned his undergraduate degree from Miami University at Oxford, Ohio in Classical Humanities and Religious Studies. Scott has spent most of his academic career looking at why individuals engage in hurtful, aggressive behavior. Specifically, he has looked at cognitive factors such as moral disengagement and personality characteristics like psychopathic traits. More recently, he has investigated how these behaviors manifest in online settings, particularly in video game interactions, and how those interactions may vary across sex, culture, and age.

Scott comes from a family of educators and has taught a variety of subjects during his two-decade career. He taught Latin and web design to high school students, digital imaging and film creation to continuing education students, and research methods, statistics, and psychology to undergraduates.

In addition to his interests in psychology and teaching, Scott loves to travel. He has studied Spanish, Japanese, Latin, and Greek languages, as well as conversational Norwegian, German, Dutch, and Portuguese. He has traveled to thirteen countries (and counting). In his downtime, he enjoys outdoor pursuits like skiing, (some) fishing, hiking, and biking. He is a voracious consumer of music and has been playing bass for more than two decades.