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Assistant Professor

Sophie Esch

Discipline: Spanish
Colorado State University

Professor Esch earned her PhD in Latin American Literature and Culture from Tulane University and her MA in Latin American Literature, Political Science, and North American Studies from the Free University of Berlin. She has taught language, literature, and culture courses at Colorado State University, Boston College, and Tulane University. Born and raised in Germany, she has lived in Australia, Peru, and Mexico, and traveled extensively in Europe and Central America. In the last five years in the US, she has lived in the Deep South, New England, and the West. She speaks Spanish, English, German, and Portuguese.

Professor Esch’s research in Latin American and cultural studies informs and drives her teaching. Her research looks at topics such as violence, technology, and the environment from a postcolonial, global perspective. She is currently working on a book on the symbolic significance of firearms in the images, songs, and novels of several armed conflicts in Latin America: the Mexican Revolution, the Nicaraguan Revolution, and the drug war. In addition, she is working on a project about the relation between infrastructures of modernity (such as engineering and extractive technologies) and national and environmental narratives in Latin America.

Analyzing the Islamic presence on the Iberian peninsula, reading Columbus’s letters, or discussing the cultural impact of the slave trade and Caribbean piracy while traversing the Mediterranean and the Atlantic? This will be Professor Esch’s first time teaching at Semester at Sea and she looks forward to sharing this exceptional learning and teaching opportunity with students and faculty.