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Associate Professor

Terri Lituchy

Concordia University

Dr. Terri R. Lituchy has her PhD in International Organizational Behavior from University of Arizona. She has taught around the world including: US, Mexico, Canada, Trinidad, Barbados, Argentina, France, UK, Czech Republic, Japan, China, Thailand and Malaysia. She teaches courses on Organizational Behavior, Cross-Cultural Management, International Negotiations, and Women in International Business to name a few. Her research interests are in cross-cultural management and international organizational behavior. Dr. Lituchy’s current project, LEAD, Leadership Effectiveness and Motivation in Africa, the Caribbean and the Diaspora has received many awards as well as grants from the SHRM Foundation, Emerald Publishing, McMaster University, University of the West Indies, Concordia University, and SSHRC. Dr. Lituchy has published books on Successful Professional Women of the Americas (Elgar Publishing, 2006), Gender and the Dysfunctional Workplace (Elgar, 2012) and Management in Africa (Routledge, 2014), and LEAD: Leadership Effectiveness in Africa and the African Diaspora (Palgrave, 2017). Dr. Lituchy has over 35 published journal articles. In her spare time, Terri enjoys traveling, photography, bird watching, and learning about other cultures.