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Thomas Suddendorf

University of Queensland (AU)

Thomas Suddendorf is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Queensland. He studies the development of mental capacities in young children and in nonhuman primates to answer fundamental questions about the nature and evolution of the human mind. He has received honors and distinctions for both his research and teaching, including from the Association for Psychological Science, the Australian Academy of Social Sciences, and the American Psychological Association. Thomas has written a dozen book chapters and published more than 60 articles, including a 2007 paper on mental time travel that has been recognized as one of the most highly cited in the field of neuroscience and behaviour. His new book “THE GAP- The Science of What Separates Us from Other Animals” (NY: Basic books) has attracted many outstanding reviews in international journals (e.g. NatureScienceNew Scientist) and newspapers alike (e.g. The TimesTimes Higher EducationThe Wall Street Journal).