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Medical Swing

Tom Csanadi

Being a first generation US citizen whose parents were immigrant refugees from Hungary, Tom is well suited to appreciate the importance of perspective and the chance of fortunes that life may conjure. Tom has deeply enjoyed his career as a general pediatrician for the last 26 years and is now looking very forward to embarking on a wonderful journey around the world with bright, young minds that will shape our world to come.

He began his medical career with five years in the Indian Health Service in Gallup, NM and then spent the next 18 as “Dr. Tom”, making house calls in Los Alamos, NM in private practice, where he and his SAS wife, Marvel, raised their two SAS kids, Sopahn and Alex. After seeing them off to college, the last two years of his practice unfolded in the beauty, complexity and emerald grandeur of Northern California.

A former decathlete and soccer, tennis and volleyball standout, he may now only be marginally competitive in chess, as is only fitting with the passing of decades. At times, Dr. Tom fancies himself a musician and composer and has collected many instruments with which to dabble, but will luckily only bring one ukulele on this voyage. He is studying painting with Bob Ross, as all those who are soon to go out to pasture should and considers voracious reading the ultimate luxuriating pastime. Dr. Tom knows what it is like to be a parent of a voyager on SAS and will do his caring utmost if called upon to be of any medical or parental assistance.