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Assistant Professor

Ursula Quillmann

Discipline: Natural Resources
Colorado State University

Dr. Ursula Quillmann has been teaching NR150-Oceanography (enrollment 340 students) since the Fall 2011. She developed the class NR370-Coastal Environmental Ecology (enrollment 15 students) and has been teaching this course since the Fall 2013. She receives high student ratings in her classes and was nominated for Best Teacher Award presented by the Colorado State University Alumni Association.

Ursula’s research is in paleoceanography with emphasis on past abrupt climate changes. The ocean and climate are a coupled system, and the ocean influences the climate by storing and transporting heat. As human actions continue to change the Earth’s climate at an alarming rate, it is important to understand past climate changes prior to human influence. Once we gained insight how the Earth’s climate system naturally has worked on its own in the past, we can better understand present and future climate changes. Ursula analyzes ocean sediments because they record the signal of past environmental changes. By analyzing ocean sediments Ursula aims to understand more about past ocean circulation and climate since the last ice age. She specializes in ocean biogeochemistry, stable isotopes and trace and minor elements in biogenic calcium carbonate of foraminifera (microscopic marine protozoa), and past ecological changes.

In recent years, she has become more involved in modern oceanography and realized the pressing need to protect our ocean and to protect the unique ecosystems and animals living in the ocean. She is looking forward to be representing CSU on the SAS academic voyage and sharing her passion and her love for our ocean and our environment.